Welcome to J. Simon Photography. I am so excited to be taking my love of photography to the next level and doing so with JL Studios LLC. 

I am a very proud mama to four fabulous kiddos, Alexis, Lucas, Cole and Carter, wife of 18 years to a very supportive husband Nick.  I have always enjoyed photography, but my love for it grew much stronger when I started a family of my own.  Never in my wildest dreams, have I ever contemplated the business aspect of my hobby, but sometimes the Lord has a different plan and places people in our lives for a specific reason. 

One year ago I met Joni Larson.  Since then, my love and desire to learn turned into a fiery passion that seems to be ignited with every click of the shutter.  I love capturing special moments for my family and friends.  My goal is to capture moments of your life that will put a smile on your faces for generations to come.  Take a look around!  I hope you enjoy what you see.  Thank you a bunch for stopping by. 

~Jamie Simon

Photo Credit: JL Photography

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